Welcome to our homepage! We are renting and selling house trailers, we have 30 trailers to choose from on-spot. We are located in Estonia, only 80 km from Helsinki, 300 km from St. Petersburg. We are offering you caravans for comfortable family vacation and simple wagons for temporary living during construction works.

In every trailer we offer includes:

  • comfortable places to sit
  • sleepers (for 3-5 people)
  • heating (with gas)
  • kitchen (sink, stove, fridge)
  • wardrobe and plenty storage rooms
  • water system
  • lighting and electrical system

All trailers are clean and in good condition, checked with devices. We’ll guide you happily on the spot how to use a caravan and we will give operating instructions. All the trailers have gone through technical examination and have valid traffic guarantee. Cabin rental price depends on the number of sleepers and the length of the service.

If you wish to rent, please follow these steps:

  1. Please definitely inform us on the phone when you’re coming. We are waiting for your phone call, our number is +372 53 333 998.
  2. Come and check out our trailer park near Peterburi Hwy., Betooni St. 3 (opposite of Olerex-Gamos gas station Kuusakoski)
  3. Choose yourself a suitable trailer.
  4. Sign a contract and show the needed documents.
  5. Pay the renting bill later with bank transfer. Value-added tax will be added to the rental prise.
  6. Pick up the trailer at the agreed time and pay the deposit of 1000.- EUR.

What purpose are caravans used for?

Most common way to travel is using a trailer. A house on a hook frees you from the need to book a hotel room and plan your itinerary by lodging houses. During the whole trip you can feel cosy, homely comforts and stop for as long as you like and wherever you like. Modern caravans allow you to observe nature friendly and green lifestyle. A trailer is suits perfectly for summer cottage. You can spend your scarce vacation time on your favourite activities, unlike country house owner, who goes to work on a land. You can be carefree during the holiday and in the end you don’t have to fear depredators, who mess up your sweet summer cottage. You can use it as a replacement house during renovation, e.g. while changing the roof; as a moving office, guardhouse or as a shelter while doing construction works. It can be moving, eye-catchingadvertisement for a company or a product, or use it as a place of sale on yard sales.

Benefits of caravan

  • Save of overnight costs – hotel bills make up large amount of holiday costs which can be avoided travelling by caravan.
  • Exclusive way to travel – you have enjoyed holiday in many different ways, also try the comforts of caravan and familiarise with fresh vacation forms in our country.
  • Time saving – usually it takes half a day to find accommodation and settle in. When travelling by caravan you have your home with you and even your own sleeping belongings.
  • Privacy – you can choose your own stops, away from every day noise.

Whether to buy or rent?

You decide, according to your needs and opportunities. Even in a definite interest to buy, it is wise to have a test-drive first. While driving all pros and cons will come out that may accompany using the trailer. In addition to this it gives you very thorough foreknowledge what kind of trailer with what kind of accessories is needed. You’re welcome; we will help you happily with good advice and introduce our trailer park.


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